• dusky_dawn 9w

    I sat in the Train of Goodbyes
    On a Day when the Wind
    Wanted to leave for its hometown
    The One in the South -With few
    Of my belongings -So i remember
    When i literally begged the wind
    To take me with it.From that puppy
    Face that I made to convince to Closing
    The eyes baking cakes full of sorry named

    Of how We booked the Tickets,
    Of how The Ticket that the wind
    Got cancelled but when the Sullen
    Face of mine came in its view
    It finally decided to move along
    With me sitting by that window seat
    And "The wind" Moving along with me
    Of how Reading Romantic novels
    Irritated the hell out of wind
    Of how The Smell of Tea
    Wafted and when reached the
    Wind "How it craved for more"
    How that annoying person
    Sitting by the next seat turned
    The radio and that weird songs
    Left the wind to wonder
    "Does that mean only you are not weird"
    Leaving me with the chocolates of anger.

    When the train stopped for a while,
    How i jumped into the puddles of water
    After that heavy rain that left the Romantic
    Songs to waft in the surroundings or
    Someone's heart too,
    Oh how the wind whispered
    "Have you lost it?? Rain is not good
    Of how i came to know that the wind
    Had some issues with the Rain
    Of how when it rained,
    Wind stopped moving with the train
    Turning my mood ugly and leaving me
    With questions of " What if its left behind"??
    Of what we'll never meet again??
    But it never let my tears fall,
    "Atleast someone feels that They should save me
    From falling into the pit of pain and misery".

    How when the station arrived
    And the Sky turned clear,
    The Wind wanted to bid goodbye
    How on requesting the wind of
    Not leaving me between the unknown
    Faces and Emptiness -How it agreed
    (Atleast someone feels that they should
    Listen to the requests)
    Of how the footsteps stopped
    When house where love claims
    To live came in the view,
    Of how wind with the heavy heart
    Turned to leave but not before
    Kissing the cheeks and the Forehead
    Like a Person who Loves me the Most.
    Of how on entering the gate,
    The Tears were about to fall but again
    Zephry touched the cheeks and Sprinkled
    The wine of smiles and Memories on me.

    //Years been passed,But Nostalgia of how
    It held me from breaking into pieces
    It held me from Drowning into Pain
    Years been passed,But Nostalgia hits
    Of how I fell in love with the witty zephyr
    Of how I realised the Meaning of true love//.



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