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    Title- in memory of winter and sparkle/in heaven they eat an innumerable amount of sunflower seeds.
    Word meanings-

    Mine- my
    Hath- have.
    Thou- you
    Thine- your
    Dost- do

    Dedicated to @yellow_majesty who lost two of her favorite hampsters recently winter and sparkle as I remember losing many pets I cherish I cried for days over some of them that were very special to me one good thing is Jane bible speaks our animals do go to heaven matching million's of ndes( near death experiences) people clinically brain dead and heart ( clinically dead) seeing their lost dogs pets birds so on so many describe all the same things it's a Reality as theres not just our pets in heaven but many animals known and unknown. Wrote this little poem in memory of winter and sparkle. Mas Mahal Kita reina Jane �� hope you feel better hunny and know you aren't alone I'm here as your friend. To listen understand and be here when you get angry sad hurt and upset. God's love. Remember that Reina ��

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    Once upon a time, there were two mice,
    Winter and sparkle their names; two
    loves of Jane's life. She fed them,
    cared for them, til' one day they
    both slept, peacefully now in
    heaven they eat cheese on
    golden steps. So dearest
    Jane there's no reason
    to weep, all creatures belong
    to God mine dear, as in paradise
    they hath all the sunflower seeds
    they canst eat. One day again thou
    shalt pet them; here, take mine hand
    to dry thine tears when thou dost weep.

    © Brandon nagley
    © Lonesome poet's poetry
    ©Earl Jane sardua dedicated/sparkle-winter