• queen_f_loyalty 9w

    A small nd sweet topic with deep meaning.

    1. If you watch NDTV - You will think India is taken over by Fascists, there is going to be civil war and China is about to reach Gurugram.

    2. If you watch Zee TV, Republic, News X, Republic Bharat, India TV - You will think India is the New Major Military - Economic World Leader and we will soon take over China.

    3. If you read Newspaper, you don't know whether God or Government is running the Country.

    4. If you watch Stock market, you don't know whether Economy is sinking or reviving.

    5. If you watch Local channels, you feel as though the World is going to end tomorrow due to Corona virus as there will be no Population left.

    6. If you go on the Road, you see so many People and Traffic as though there is absolutely no problem and there is nothing like Virus.

    7. If you read Wtsapp, you will find the World is facing every conceivable problem, and also there is an expert to provide solution to every problem.

    8. If you Read or Watch all of the above, you will be a Confused man.

    So, don't read or watch anything -
    Spend time only with your Family nd Friend's. Listen to their sermons, lectures and follow their advices. Do whatever they say -
    You will be happy, and peace will be at your feet.


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