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    So today , I was scrolling through my WhatsApp feed and then one thing caught my eye ...

    It said : #Georgeflyod # Homicide # asphyxia # Minneapolis cop

    At first, It made no sense ! Then a video was posted : I saw it a couple of times and every time, It gives a notification: WARNING : DISTRESSING IMAGES! OH BOY ! IT WAS DISTRESSING! I researched through Google and was shocked!!!!
    So then , I thought that it deserved to be penned down and I simply couldn't resist!

    Racism , discrimination, prejudice ; A talk about the past , but little did we know that somewhere out in the world,
    It's still rambling on the streets !

    So ; George Floyd: African-American , a professional football player was pinned on his neck down by a police officer's knees ! It seems that, he was reported for a forgery and resisted arrest !
    So what should the cops do ??
    Give him a punishment! : Is what I'd say ! BUT NOT DELIBERATELY KILL HIM !
    The officer put down both his knees on his neck and never let it go ! Just imagine that pain ! Blood flowed like a stream aimlessly in the streets !💔💔
    The man pleaded:
    " Oh man , he is gonna kill me !"
    "JUST GET UP !"
    " I CAN'T BREATH! "
    Despite his pleas he never let go! And soon enough, he passed away.. in 8 minutes 46 seconds !
    The doctor confirmed that it was a homicide : The mere act of one killing an other !
    and his heart had stopped ! Due to Asphyxia : Neck and back compression which results in lack of blood flow to the brain !
    I was 💔💔 moved by seeing this! Emotionally felt sympathetic ...💔💔
    It happened on May 25th, and four Minneapolis officers were FIRED after the involvement in that man's death!
    People still remember him and do various tributes on his sad demise: like graffiti's and paintings on walls ..

    For more info : Search on Google
    #Current affairs

    The bitter truth of the world !💔💔💔
    #Justice for George Floyd # Humanity fading away # Let's pray for justice
    #current affairs 💔💔💔
    I hope you like it !

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    The world united by countries ;
    But sometimes divided by emotions ,feelings ,and actions

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