• my_tiny_chapter 9w

    I recognize the potential in us
    to continuously harmonize
    even in the tremor of pain.
    Nourished by a chaotic,
    brutal wisdom and love.
    But, caught by the proud,
    the preposterous sound unfolding
    and the echos distracting,
    until we derailed off a track.
    And the love too must take a leave.
    We sort of drifted
    on many layered waves
    moving in opposing directions.
    Leaving in the middle -
    we got in those grooves
    that weren’t pleasant,
    kind of burnish,
    or temperamental.
    Extending further,
    and further still...
    Breaking my feelings
    into shards of glass.
    Frightening me dearly,
    the sharpness nauseating.
    this is the punishment
    of over-indulgence.
    I regularly,
    when looking for a reason,
    find nothing but a question
    bouncing around itself.
    No expansion in a tin cup.
    Things must fall
    and melt away,
    so greater aspects unfold
    for growth to continue.
    It never seems fair
    From one side to the other.
    Shut up is the advice of the wise.
    Run your mouth,
    then all turns into a sad surprise...

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    He wore a smile
    like a scented candle.
    It was warm
    and comforting
    too easy to extinguish.