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    Today morning I found a very interesting comment on my mirakee account that reinforces the great unity of our nation.One Indian "kamdev" has commented on one of my posts named "Dhatri" .The comment was like this.."I loved the freedom of hers"...nice comment..nothing is wrong with it..But the twist happens a few seconds later...This guy has mentioned me on one of his posts.."I have wrote posts one keralite women..have a look"...I read it.....I don't have medicines for your problem ...but this is what I would like to say..

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    Keralite women

    She is free...
    No doubt in that..
    But her freedom is not
    The object of your suppressed lust
    I think you don't Know us well..
    We are the descendants of "Nangeli"
    Who cut her breast and gave it
    To those who claimed tax on it..
    You may not know these...
    It needs a minimum literacy...
    We don't need to crave for your touch..
    And you spoke about our men,right..?
    They are ,for sure ,not like you...
    They will never write a poem like this
    About a woman of your State....