• spirt1 10w

    It would be nice to go to bed.. Just to relax my weary head☆
    But I cant, I can't sleep for the witch under my bed ☆She never speaks just sits on my chest with that fearsome smile right on her face ☆
    Wake me up I'm in a bad dream☆ But my eyes are open so how can that be☆
    Summer winter fall that witch will find me☆
    It's ok she whispered in the night
    Say no more I'll give u a good fright ☆
    Shhhhh Lie still, I'll sit on you till u know I'm for real ☆ wake up wake up I scream to the top of my lungs ☆ this bitch of a witch want leave me alone ☆ goodnight sweet dreams the dark witch said☆ I'll see you tomorrow I sleep with u even in your head ☆

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    Under the bed