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    Writing prompt, Describe the days of the week as if they were people

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    Days of the week

    Monday is that girl with resting bitch face. She's really not as bad as everyone thinks and gets blamed for the things that Saturday and Sunday did. All she really wants to do is get her work done and go home. She'll bake something for the break room tomorrow to apologize for making people feel bad.

    Tuesday is the first one in the break room to try Monday's apology cake and excepts graciously knowing that its not really Monday's fault but enjoys it anyway. He's swift and efficient, making up for the lack of work Monday did.

    Wednesday is the gossiper, the one who discusses what Saturday and Sunday are planning and what they did the last time. He lives vicariously through other people.

    Thursday is the forgotten one, the meek bookworm, the shy and introverted. She could care less about the gossip and party plans. She just wants to curl up with a good book, a cup of tea and her cat.

    Friday is the Virgin bride on her wedding day, anxious and excited. Patiently waiting for her time to come.

    Saturday is the popular one, the one everyone loves to invite, the life of the party.

    Sunday is the less popular of the two but pretty much goes everywhere Saturday goes, but reminds her that Monday will show up soon.