• karan_kelkar 9w

    Can you still hear the angels?
    Do you still hide your demons?
    As you still search for the light in your heart,
    Because you've always been afraid of the dark.
    So I light this fire so you can see,
    I will hum this long forgotten tune,
    So you can sing this song with me.
    Like the tides gush against the shore.
    Soft at first and they slowly go strong.
    The stars in the sky, make it feel just like before.
    So It doesn't matter even if we go wrong.
    The winds will play the music.
    I'll be the tune and you be the words.
    Together we will sing our last song.
    But you're still afraid to let me in.
    And face the storm that rages within.
    Fearing the shards of love will leave you scarred,
    And it will be so hard
    So you simply run so far away.
    When you should have stayed.
    But it's too late.
    Now loneliness grows like ivy on my heart,
    How the distance grew so far?
    Is still a mystery