• qalam_se_sampoorn 22w

    I will

    You just stay with me and I will...

    I will tease you until you make me cry
    I will make you smile until I die
    I will light the stars to lit up your Sky
    and I will shut the lights to make us glow
    will fight with you and Tear pillow
    I will play with thy. hairs all night

    you just stay with me and I will...

    I will kiss your sad face to make you smile you just hold my hand to keep me alive
    just breathe out on my face to wake me up and kiss me when I am angry with you it is never more than a cup
    I will soak you in my arms every night when we lay
    We will play the game of love
    don't care for day or night
    I will pay every bill
    you just stay with me until my breath goes nil

    and just stand by me else I will...