• mjqutbi 5w

    The storm in my mind

    I feel so different from the people I meet,
    They always start gossiping as soon as each other they greet.
    I seek the seclusion of a quiet corner.
    How will they ever know about the storm that blows in my head?
    Ideas and thoughts all rushing to get noticed.
    With the rush of thoughts my mind soon moves away from this uninterested place.
    Drifting like a raft in a gushing river.
    Taking it somewhere it is treated with Grace.
    Often I wish to be a bird,
    To fly where my wings take me.
    At least my cries would then be heard.
    Oh! The joy and the freedom are mere figments of my mind, that, I realized when one finally noticed me sitting all alone looking lost.
    But how do I tell them of the storm in my mind?

    ~Mo'iz Qutbi