• eri_oye 5w

    What Makes Me Smile?

    Many things could make me smile, but what actually does make me smile?

    I've been thinking all day and even almost decided not to do this today anymore. Believe me when I tell you I even asked Google, "What makes me smile?" Is Google me? Am I Google? (Laughs...)

    For me, one thing I know that makes me smile often and sometimes births my brightest smile is the fact that somehow, I — consciously or unconsciously — make people smile...even when I need a smile myself.
    I smile at the times when I have a torn heart, but then, someone tells me I just relieved theirs.
    I smile at those times I have tears rolling down my cheeks, but I hear the person on the other end of the phone laugh so hard at something I said to make them feel better.

    In summary, I smile at how strong I am.