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    It is actually a expanded form of poem of my previous post.....

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    No hope of you

    Its been months,
    no idea of any possible meetings again,
    I was destined to march,
    On a lone journey to the land of death,
    I rested myself on the only perfect chair,
    I could possibly see,
    Preferred the cold breeze
    Making it's way
    through the open window,
    The presence of the cloud above
    and the Pleasant storm
    made me reach for my only partner
    my earphones
    Put them up ,streaming through various
    Tunes in search of peace,
    I flickered my eyes
    in search of something i had no idea about,
    but they fell on you ,
    An angel walking down to earth straight from the heaven,
    With a fragrance so strong that drew me toward you,
    wrapped in bright colours,
    The curves held the beauty of the fabric you were in,
    Your hairs,long,silky,dense,
    All black but a wide stripe painted golden,
    Illuminated the beauty of your hair,
    You sat at the chair I would like you most to be on,
    In Front of me
    Oblivious of my presence,
    You took your earphones,played the track which you probably have chosen before entering the vehicle
    You rested your head on the panel between two windows,yours and mine,
    adding that sweet smell that drove me crazy,
    I tried so hard to remember your face,eyes,lips,your dimples you had any
    But the only thing that you left with me ,
    Was that smell that
    Stole me from myself.....!!