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    Love Is The Weapon

    Contemplating Lifes Design, Weights on My Heart and Mind, Searching For My Kind, Uniquely Divined, Am I Blind Or too Gone to find my Soul Tribe.
    Im Protected By Angels, Lets Get Rid of the fables.
    Making Setters of The Table. Numbers and Letters Are the Labels. First 187 Happened with Cain and Able.
    Only That Was The Physical, As Adam Died In Subliminal, Equal to Greater, The Sequel Comes Later.
    From Mystics And Gypsies, Came Sickness And 5G
    Ancient Point of View. The World is Idolatry
    Patience Brought The Clues, Resemblance of a Foot Stool. Symbolic Truth
    Yeshua Still Rules

    Immersion of Presence
    The Star Of True Essence
    Conversion Is the Election
    The Date is Pre Destined
    Who Can Fathom Gods Ways?
    A Prediction Of Days?
    Consumed with Our own Glory "We Won't Admit That We've Strayed"
    Still His Love Stays

    Dropped the Ticket to The Goddess "Yeshua I Praise"
    Voodoo and Dark Magic Hes Sent me To Slay