• damon_94 5w

    Her touch

    She kiss every corners of me, touched every part of me, explored all inside and outside of me and we both were created as ones. Her body was glued to mine, my body was glue to her. Her lips glue to something sweet that I always craving for but still starving like unsatisfied appetite. Her tongue was against my chest sipped nectar from my flower. I never knew the desire that hide in the bottom of her heart lie deep down under my pant. Her touch hardly let me catch my breath. This moment I completely lost my soul somewhere between heaven and earth. Blended emotion and deeply angst at the same time scramble in my mind, should I touch her back, should I kiss her back or should I escape from her or better I should stop her. How would I choose any of those option? I didn't even understand myself completely. My heart was sinking and pounding faster than lightning. I feel so nervous and embarrassed at the same time. I end up in a state where neither happy or sad.
    -------by Ako