• sachigoswami 10w


    Happiness Isn't it something we muse about but instead of being happy,we start looking for a reason to be happy?
    We try to figure out that when will the happiness come to the door of our lives
    But why?
    Is happiness a summer vacation
    We are waiting for?
    Or it is a rainfall for which we keep an eye on the sky?
    No it's not!
    Happiness is a rainbow which comes in our lives whether it rains or not.
    Happiness is a own free stuff,we can afford for ourselves
    Happiness starts from us it starts from a belief,a positive thought & most importantly our parent's smile

    It doesn't matter someone laughing at u
    In your worst condition
    It's your duty to find out the happiness at that condition and make it funnier...

    By :_sachi goswami