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    Read this, you may relate, specially if you're a cancer. If you think it's worth it, then repost, I want this to reach as many people as possible. Peace.

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    Being a Cancer

    Every zodiac sign faces certain difficulties in life. But boy one of the toughest one is faced by Cancer.

    Being a Cancer is not easy. When you grow up, you're very pure by mind and heart. You always think about how your actions will have an impact on others, you care way too much for people. But then, one day you realise that not everyone is like you, and that you need to protect yourself from other people. This may sound as if everyone goes through the same thing, and they do, but the cancer will always get the extreme of anything related to emotions.

    Being a Cancer is not easy. When you grow a bit older, by now you've already started to realise your weakness, that is, you're way too Naive. And so you start to change it, you try to become more and more cold towards other people. You become one of those people who'll heartlessly ignore a person when they're infront of you, but will pay attention to their actions from a distance to see if you've been way too harsh on them, and if they're doing fine.

    Being a Cancer is not easy. As you keep growing, you'll get better at hiding your emotions. You'll always be afraid of giving your efforts to the wrong people, and so you'll start screening them, before they get to see your real self. You'll develop that aura which a person feels during winter when they see a fireplace. You'll appear very cold when someone see's you from a distance, but it'll keep getting cosy and warm as they keep walking towards you.

    But it'll all be worth it, because a Cancer has the power to see the world through someone else's eyes. In a world full of hurting they'll be the ones to spread love. But I'll let you decide if that's a weakness or a superpower....