• simmi_16 6w

    hola everyone!! .. it's been a long time that I haven't Posted anything lately ...hope you would enjoy reading it and could relate to each and every words here ... happy reading !

    My heart was young
    And I was then
    With that heartfelt love, a pinch of innocence and emotions that I sung
    With a beautiful mind along

    The world that said
    And made me upset
    Those tears I shed
    With blood stains red

    Love felt like a paradise
    And was so nice
    Wanted not just for once or twice
    But at the end no matter what life's a surprise

    Holy scars
    like stars
    They shine and arise
    Even on those darkest hours
    That dreadful silence
    Sow seeds of a trooper
    In us
    For the better future thus

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