• agirlwithflippyhair 27w

    A safe place inside my head ♥

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    I whisper to them
    To the voices in my head - the ones who listen
    They speak of places where we all long to be
    I can close my eyes to the world, if for just a bit
    Some of them are beautiful and some broken
    Some of them have tear-brimmed eyes and
    Some of them murmur back to me
    Some of them remind me that
    Maybe when we surrender to our daydreams
    We lose a little part of ourselves each time
    Or let a little more water into our lungs
    Some tell me perhaps it's foolish and not
    Courageous; that it's dangerous to be left
    Alone with our delusions
    But I can't help it
    It feels so much safer in here