• michelledavies 6w


    This goes out to all yall mothers
    We celebrate you on mothers day
    For shooting us out your vagina
    You change lots of poopy diapers
    And you never get to sleep
    And you think back to the days
    When your boobs didn't hang down to your feet
    You're so used to gross things
    That now, you do not gag
    You've got spit-up in your hair
    And use your sleeve as a snot rag

    As your kids get older
    Their attitudes get worse
    It makes you want to drink
    It makes you want to curse
    You have to stay up on them
    About doing all their choirs
    And the mom they thought was cool
    Isn't cool anymore

    Everything becomes a fuss
    Everything becomes a fight
    Cause momma's always wrong
    Teenagers are always right
    But as your kids become adults
    And have kids of their own
    They quickly begin to realize
    That momma wasn't wrong
    Being a momma isn't easy
    No, It ain't no breeze
    But it is all still worth it
    Even though you pee when you sneeze