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    The Story Of A Bumble Bee .

    According To The Laws Of Aerodinamics Bumble Bee Should Never Able To Fly Because Of It's Size, Weight, And Shape Of The Boby. All These Things Are Not Proportionate With The Total Wing Span.

    Scientifically It's Impossible For A Bumble Bee To Fly.

    But The Bumble Bee Is Ignorent About All These Details And Goes Ahead To Fly Away.

    A Bumble Bee Is Never Over Confident, But Belived In The Impossible.

    Whenever A Bumble Bee Wants To Fly , It Gathers All The Self Confidence And Depends On Self Relience To Scale The Skies To Make The Impossible Feet Possible.

    Moral :

    At Times We All Are Stopped By Our Own Limitations And Self Doubts.

    At Times Might Be Overthinking About The Outcomes.

    We Should Take The Leap Of Faith And Listen To Our Strong Gut Instincts.

    We Should Never Stop Exploring The Possibilities Which Are Usually Seems To Be Unrealistic And Impossible When It Comes To Chaseing Our Dreams.

    We Should Ignore All The Conventional Sterio Typed Belief Systems Inorder To Achieve The Difficult Goals.