• josephhaake1028 5w

    Alone in the world on my own treated like a thug
    17 and manipulated into doing any drug
    I didn't fully understand I just wanted a hug

    A place to call my own
    A partner so I wasn't alone
    A friend who cared if I picked up my phone

    Still don't understand now
    Still makes me say wow
    Still wondering why and and how

    Yeah i could've said no
    If I did she would've let me go
    Looking back that would've been better than doing blow

    It's still my fault I took the pill
    My fault for tryna seem chill
    Gave love the power to bend my will

    Influenced into making choices under the influence
    Wish I knew my morals weren't the nuisance
    Didn't know love could be such a harmful substance

    Treated like shit yet I make her face flush
    Tried to speak up was told to hush
    I thought she loved me my heart turned to mush

    Didnt get the love I wanted
    Only got memories that haunted
    Didn't show love she just flaunted