• raikakiwi 9w

    Step out

    I'm just gonna stare into space
    Wishing to be somewhere new
    Asking dear God whats next for me
    Wait for a dream to come to me
    But there is none at all
    A vision is my call
    Create a vision here, small steps is what is near
    Take them and you will find a life to live one of a kind

    Stare at the mirror who am I?
    Make up fake reasons to stay and cry
    No one is here to wipe the tears
    This vision I have...brings light to my fears
    Too many defeats that haven't happened
    Trip me up and stop me from standing
    Create a vision strong and true not for anyone else but only you
    Thats how we all seize the day
    Stepping out of mind and out our own way