• 2wardsthesilentsoul 10w


    In this world full of fantasies
    I have fantasy of someone special too
    Not the one with many heroic qualities
    But yeah pretty little things..
    Not the one saving from goon
    But someone who talk to me at noon,
    Not the one who buys me expensive gifts
    But someone who will help me build,
    Not the one tall ,dark and handsome
    But someone who will talk with my mum,
    Not the one who is always available
    But someone who is there with edible ,
    Not the one calling me every now and then
    But someone who can call me when he needs he can,
    Not the one who will feel jealous of my talking with others
    But the one saying " it doesn't matter who wants her ,if she only wants me "

    - V@!$h@L!