• whitewings 22w

    Morning, sunrise
    I roll over in my bed
    to the empty side
    And I miss you.
    Even before I open my eyes.

    A bird perches at my window
    I hate what it sings.
    It can't equate
    the joy of waking to your voice.

    Bedsheets, cushions.
    Smell of sorrow.
    I wiped my tears
    on the spotless linen last night.

    My skin so supple
    feels parched on the inside.
    No kisses from your lips
    All the roses died.

    I put my feet on the floor
    No one pulls me from behind
    I rise and open the window
    It's raining inside.

    On the edge of the bed
    your shirt lies
    Ever since you went away
    I've been hugging it every night.

    A photograph in my phone
    I look at it until my heart lets out a sigh
    How could we end like that
    I was meant to be yours
    and you were supposed to be mine.