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    Based on the movie West Side Story

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    West side story

    I never wanted to write you this letter for fear of letting you go altogether, that is the story, my story, of some lost heartbeats in the west side neighborhood on a gray day, an empty venue is a witness where a pianist plays my sad memories, in a piano without keys.

    They took your life from me, although you are still alive in me, I can still see you bled on the cold ground in my arms, due to gang disputes that did not understand what it is to know how to love, where a knife is stronger than a hug and a territory is conquered before than a heart.

    I still remember our broken dreams, in a time that was not ours, some furtive glances at a dance where our families were rivals and still being able to get to love you despite fear, despite hatred, that's what happened between us , a love without barriers.

    Our songs were written "somewhere" in our soul, in a small neighborhood in "America", I told you "I feel beautiful" "tonight" for teaching me what love is and you answered me the reason why I I love you "Maria" is because I fell in love with you the day I met you.

    It's been a long time, I still miss you, I still dream of you, I still remember you, I still love you, it doesn't matter if my heart is half empty or half full, the other half left with you, I still live with that unexpected goodbye, I still continue crying your name

    I keep dreaming that one day, somewhere, we will find a new life, we will change destiny to continue loving each other, God knows my only wish is to find a time hole where I can change our past to have a new future with you.

    I can imagine that place where death will not be able to separate us, a place for us, a place where we can love each other, a place to be able to live, it is when separating when one feels and understands the strength with which one loves.

    Love lives in spite of death like a flame that does not go out, I still keep it burning.

    I love you Tony and I will always love you.