• aakritimalhotra 23w

    Mother’’s love is all that i need ❣️

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    I Wish To Have A Daughter!

    I wish to have a daughter,
    And my mother reborn,
    One with the coda of ‘high- standards’ to conform,
    Embracing her innocence or maybe habit of not knowing at all,
    Thriving desperately with baby steps, ‘her daughter’ is what i want you to call,

    In all lows she kindled the inner child instead of building me ‘child-ish’,
    Heart skips a beat ,” you ... when i miss. “

    Maddens me to gather stones of waverly, waves of walking tall proudly,
    Oh wait! Never fade away, you are all that i have really earned by the way,
    Zipping every second , all that i can learn to mend,

    Your bursting scolds with hollow anger,
    To make me better, please would you always linger?
    Nothingness is just i am without you,
    That is why one is not enough, lemme have you ‘Two’.
    To embrace , no not return manners, just disperse your ‘hue’.