• penny_love 5w


    Buy them for others not me
    Never was one to comfort another
    Genuinely were you

    You are never to enjoy me
    or even dislike or like me
    Without my permission
    assured you do and will need it

    I come from the best
    and that's all I will ever be

    I dont want your love making war
    I dont want your war making love
    I dont want your lies making truth
    I don't want you truth making lies

    I still agonize freely
    With cruelty imposed
    On foiled breathes now
    That is not ever quoted as "over"
    Stuck into their nostrils fails
    My heart and brain
    by proxy surges

    My memory wont be erased
    I imprint ink aswell as I mask
    I dont think or feel
    you might mostly hate you
    Before I had realised
    I dont hate myself
    And I don't want to move on

    Insidiously serious
    My love has been for you
    When all by yourself
    I did not
    With eye balls unjustified
    Just want them to be poked out
    No its nots
    Not funny!

    Blah blah blahs
    Im hungry