• sonalidutta_ 33w

    #This poem is about the different stage of life -childhood , adult and older. Expressed in short the emotions of every stage of life. Hope you all like this. Thanks @mirakeeworld for giving this challenging words , it made me think deeply. @writersnetwork @readwriteunite #pod #wod #Hue # stage of life #colours of life #white # green # red #blue #black

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    The changing hue of life

    Everything is white and bright,
    This is starting phase of new life,
    Cuddles and lullaby hear whole night,
    Words are stranger , crying speak my words,
    Play and learn everything I find,
    Everything seem peaceful and fine.

    After this start a new phase of life,
    Everything is green and wide,
    Enjoy every moment with smile,
    Learn every aspects for survive,
    Fill lake of knowledge in my mind.

    After this start another phase of life,
    Everything is red and blue,
    It’s time to stable and carry new responsibility,
    Mixture of emotions take place,
    Happiness and joy are almost faded,
    Life swing like pendulum .

    Then suddenly//
    Everything turn dark and black,
    Loneliness , weakens take places,
    This is the phase of life where we take last breath//.