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    ‘If I don’t smile your head will be rolling down your neck now. This smile is to tell you that I have forgiven you but if you try to do something like this again then you will regret ever stalking me to this place in the beginning,’ Aurora threatened Lucy and excused herself from the table.
    ‘Aurora, are you okay?’ her former manager asked her.
    ‘I’m fine. I guess I will just go back home and change. It was nice seeing you again,’ she said.
    ‘I hope you will take care of yourself and be careful.’
    ‘Don’t worry, nothing will happen to me. I will make sure of that,’ Aurora said and went outside.
    She hailed a taxi since she still didn’t have a car. Lucian told her to take a car but she just didn’t want it. She wanted him to buy her a car of her own. She gave the driver the address and sat comfortably in the back seat. She looked behind and saw the furious Lucy as she gets into her car. There was nothing she could do to her, she was Jewel’s mother after all and didn’t want to hurt Jewel in any way.
    When she arrived back at the mansion she saw the glare from the staff and knew that they were probably talking about it.
    ‘What happened to you?’ the chief maid Faith asked as she took the stairs.
    ‘I accidentally spilled coffee on my clothes,’ she lied.
    ‘That was a bad spill,’ Faith said sounding suspicious.
    She would be a fool if she believed it.
    ‘I will go and change now,’ Aurora said avoiding questions from Faith.
    When she arrived she entered the en suite bathroom and undressed herself. She sank into the tub and just relaxed as the water does its magic. Thirty minutes later she emerged from the tub and put on her robe and went outside. She entered the closet and began to look for something to wear when she felt that she wasn’t alone anymore. She turned her head and saw Lucian looking very furious standing there.
    ‘You should make a sound and not just stand quietly behind someone like that again!’ she yelled at him.
    ‘What the hell happened to you?’ he asked as he entered.
    ‘I was taking a bath,’ she said now back to the clothes.
    ‘You know what I’m talking about. I heard you came back filled with coffee all over you. Did you fight with anyone?’
    ‘Is that why you came back at this time of the day instead of being seated in your office? Oh old man, are you worried about me now?’ she asked stopping what she was doing and began to walk towards the man who made her blood hot.
    ‘Just tell me,’ he said sounding anxious as she approached. Aurora placed her hands on his chest and began to move them slowly there. She just loves feeling him all the time.
    ‘I saw your ex wife. Apparently she stalked me to a café where I was enjoying y hot chocolate. She talked a lot of shit in front of people and I returned the favor. So she got angry and threw the hot chocolate on my face,’ Aurora said linking her arms around his neck.
    ‘You didn’t get hurt or burnt?’
    ‘Something that small wouldn’t cause any damage to me. I just got dirty that’s all. So what do you think happened?’
    ‘She should just mind her own business,’ he murmured.
    ‘Trust me she will because next time she tries another trick like that. She will be losing that pretty face of hers,’ she told him and he could see that she meant it.
    ‘You are one very dangerous little girl,’ he said and kissed her on the side of her neck.
    ‘Don’t you like girls like me old man?’
    ‘It’s only you and not the rest,’ he said his hand untying her robe.
    ‘Oh I see. Are you not going back to the office?’ she asked as she loosened his tie.
    ‘With you dressed like this and your eyes begging for it, why should I leave you here?’
    She smiled and helped him to remove his suit jacket.
    ‘Since you have seen right through me, I might as well keep you here,’ she said opening his shirt buttons.
    Lucian suddenly lifted her up and carried her into the bedroom where he removed completely her robe leaving her completely naked and ready for his taking. He looked at her and she didn’t shy away.
    ‘It’s just a few days left before you officially become my wife. Are you excited?’
    ‘How can I not be? You gave me a husband, a family and a daughter on a silver platter,’ she said her hands reaching up to him.
    ‘So what will you do to show your gratitude?’
    ‘I will serve you for the rest of your life,’ she answered and began to work on his flyer.
    ‘My little girl is impatient, I can see.’
    ‘You made me to be like this. You should take the responsibility,’ she said and freed him.
    Lucian couldn’t believe the nymph he just couldn’t seem to forget all the time. Rora brought something out of him. He missed her, he wanted her and he just didn’t want anyone messing up with her unless it was him. He closed his eyes as his little nymph took his shaft in her small and warm hands. He loved her hands, her mouth and tongue on him. She began to touch him from the tip to the base. He groaned as she repeated the same movement and in a few seconds he felt her tongue on him and he opened his eyes.
    Aurora knew how to orally satisfy him. She sucked him and licked him like her favorite lollipop. She was good at this that it made him angry sometimes thinking of the men she did this to. Just thinking about it made him to stop her and she looked at him with those questioning eyes.
    He didn’t answer her with words but made her lie on her back on the bed. He separated her thighs apart exposing that well shaven mound. He used his ginger to spread her wide and exposed her wet entrance. He could see it glistening, wanting to torture her he inserted his finger which slid in and she moaned. He used his fingers to entertain her while his mouth seeks hers. The way she wriggled while she lay beneath him gave him so much satisfaction but that was going to wait because he needed her to bad and so did she.
    He pulled his fingers out of her and slid them into her mouth. She sucked hard on his fingers which made him penetrate into her with just one hard thrust. She bucked upwards, their pelvises touching before she returned back on the bed.
    He looked into her eyes one more time and he kissed her nose.
    ‘Please, move!’ she cried out and he obliged.
    He loved it whenever she begged. This little girl was someone who rarely cared but when it comes to this moment she always submitted to him.
    He moved, his thrusts increasing with time, her nails digging into his back as he gave it to her. Aurora was blessed with short fuses; it didn’t take long for her to reach an orgasm. He thrust harder and faster as he felt himself close and Aurora climaxed again and again before he flooded himself into her again.
    He kissed her sweet lips once more and prayed for her to get pregnant as fast as she could. That would hold her down and make her docile.
    He pulled out of her and fixed himself. Aurora just sat up on the bed and looked at him.
    ‘What is it?’ he asked as he buttoned his shirt.
    ‘Nothing, you look handsome.’
    ‘Are you noticing that now?’
    ‘I guess I am. Are you coming back soon?’
    ‘No, I won’t be coming any time soon. When Jewel comes, a driver will send you to my parents’ house. We will be having dinner there,’ he said.
    ‘Okay, I will keep that in mind.’
    ‘Sure, get dressed, wouldn’t want you to fall sick.’
    ‘You are really worried about me?’
    ‘If I don’t then I would be an asshole.’
    ‘You are already one,’ Aurora said standing up.
    She looked magnificent that he just wanted to take her back to bed but he still has an appointment.
    He kissed her once again before taking his suit jacket and leaves the room. He took the elevator down and drove his car back to the office.
    Lucian was in his office when he received a call from his ex wife. She sounded very hysterical and angry. It was difficult to find someone capable of making Lucy angry. She told him a lot about Aurora and he smiled. Aurora was still a fighter, he liked that. She will be able to fend herself from all his exes. No one would rub herself against her in the future.
    But when Faith called and told him the status of Aurora he got mad. Why would anyone do that? What if her face gets ruined? Their wedding was just a few days to go and he needed that pretty small face to be perfect as always.
    He drove back to his mansion in a hurry only to find himself seduced by that little nymph. He was just powerless when it comes to her as if she controls him. He liked it though and he was scared about it at the same time.
    He shook Aurora out of his head. He had so much to do to cover for the days he won’t be at work because of his honey moon.
    ‘Sir, your appointment is here,’ Victor said.
    ‘Send her in.’
    The tall beautiful woman appeared on his doorway and he stood up with a smile.
    ‘It’s an honor to have you come down all the way here,’ he said as he approached her.
    ‘The honor is all mine Mr. Ladra,’ she said as she took his hand.
    ‘Call me Lucian,’ he said.
    ‘If that’s the case, then please call me Irene,’ she said with a smile.
    ‘Since we have let go of the formalities then please have a seat and let’s get down to business,’ Lucian said offering Irene a seat.
    It was going to be a long meeting he guessed. He had so much to talk about with her and he had all the time in the world since he would be shutting Aurora out of his mind.