• chideraodom 10w


    I know that indescribable feeling.
    The one where it feels like the wind is knocked out of me,
    That feeling when I can't actually feel my toes.
    It feels like the world just dropped from underneath me.

    It's really weird how I can describe every emotion
    Paint it the way it surges through my mind
    It could be because the feeling is palpable,
    Everything's gone topsy-turvy in my head.

    My mind became a Chaos of conflicting emotions
    Was feeling things that were not supposed to be
    I heard my own thoughts loud and crystal,
    There was no hurt, only dry crackling humour.

    True understanding only came the morning after,
    To think it was me and had always been me,
    To think I was crafted according to a pre-concluded specification,
    Modelled to fit his tastes in every arc and dimension.

    She's nothing like me, I could swear it
    Ten times my size yet ten shades lighter,
    Creamy thighs and ruby coloured cheeks,
    as opposed to my body, the colour of fine brass that has been through fire.

    Making no assumptions, I've learnt my lesson,
    had my fair share of human cruelty first hand.
    I only hope I never forget,
    to not and never trust before my head.