• thekurator 5w

    EIGHTEEN(chapter 2)

    Paradoxically speaking, the more you approach your destination the farther the road becomes
    Literally speaking, the more I went down that hill the closer I “felt” to the base
    A times your inner voice is actually your desire(s) in subconscious
    Mine was raging, screaming “great job,you can do this!"
    Maybe I'd have been informed if I trod that path with someone
    Nah that's BULLCRAP, the journey of life is done solo,
    Maybe I'll be convinced on the way by the emotion-piercing process
    Nah, my damn inner voice is threatening, saying YOLO
    All this while my flame's still burning red
    My arms are weary from bearing the torch
    I see footsteps of “soldiers" that have pranced through this same road
    Wait a minute! “people have done this before",a thought to keep me going
    Finally! A reason to keep on moving
    I wondered if they pondered on these same things
    In a different tone, my very words, my mind was playing
    Well BLIMEY, now am eighteen?