• sb_rians 5w


    “Don’t make me hate you,
    Loving you is painful enough”.
    And silence were her last words,
    One slide further into the slough.

    “I don’t hate you,
    Just scared for you”, I'd say.
    Didn’t know I was squeezing
    Only strength that ever came my way.

    “I came hoping to see those eyes,
    Instead I return with tears in mine”.
    Watching her lose, I realised,
    She was my cloud number nine.

    “I wish I knew I was in love with you,
    And I was an idiot for leaving without you”.
    We set sail our boat, into the thunder,
    Yet no fear, for you were my crew.

    “These violent delights have violent ends”,
    I tried to warn her of the gloom.
    “And in their triumph die, like fire and powder,
    Which as they kiss, consume”.