• justexplore 6w

    To Someone Special

    Friendship is an important thing
    It can make me sing
    Friendship don't make me bother
    In friendship we understand the other

    Friendship is always near it'll make me smile
    If I cry another tear for a little while

    I think of you and skies turn suddenly blue
    Friendship is me and you
    That is the reason why our friendship is strong
    You are my friend and our friendship excists long

    It is strong enough to take us through the storm
    Eye in eye in every kind of form
    We are maybe not like any other person in the world
    Friendship let me forget all the hurt

    Because it can make me happy when I think
    About me and you
    Yeah when all my sadness wants to sink
    Our friendship will make me do

    Sing again and I will say to you what a wonderful day
    I hope that our friendship can always stay
    Because I feel what you are feeling too
    Our friendship breaks in all kind of colors through

    By: justexplore