• ryan_writes 6w

    White Roses and Twilight

    Roll those papers ,Castles of sands
    Wine has no reason. White roses
    Your eyes , The woe in them
    Last thing I can see.
    Your hairs bestrew my face
    Twilight has reasons to escape
    Silhouette ,I wish never disseminates
    Nail tints ,That sheath on white roses
    Words , I loose them
    Feels , shimmer and edgy
    Bouquet that has springs
    Eyes that bring flurries
    Still don't know what love means
    Still echoing my emotions
    Still Roses inundate in twilight
    Does that make me an eluder ?
    Does that finish my poems ?
    Does it mean you won't be there besides me ? Still I got your face , all I need is a canvas ,
    I need nights to sing you lullaby
    I need intimacies that never labile