• jitisha 6w

    Agony of a girl

    Yes, the day comes,
    When the things tend to break her from inside,
    When the deep scars can no more hide.
    When her enemies ruin,
    And her friends rather than supporting recklessly join,
    When she wanna restart her life,
    But least she can do is strive.

    Sometimes when she gives a second chance and she trusts,
    People again disappoint her and that's unjust.
    Giving chances and forgiving people doesn't end up here,
    And simultaneously her pain doesn't disappear.
    When everyone is just busy to jeopardize,
    And when the right time goes, people realize.

    Isn't it freaking?
    But my friend this is how some girls suffer and still keep creeping.
    More and more of these incidences gets collected,
    And when she suffers all this, she's neglected.

    Then a day comes when her heart becomes heavy and her mind stops being cheery,
    That's the time when she ends up life and to the world this seems dreary.
    The blades then with cruelty kisses her wrists,
    Alas! With this hers and her folk's lives twists.

    We live where the life is iffy and self ascendency is an illusion,
    Where the happy moments are jiffy and understanding people is a big confusion.