• _miserable_ 6w


    When I was a child,life was a beautiful landscape, at least that’s how I saw it. The kind where the sky is pink and the rivers are flowing. It was made up of dreams and bliss. Now I have grown up and that landscape still remains but it is dotted with hues of pain. The pain I knew back then was a fall or a prick which a kiss from mom would always fix. But the pain which adorns my landscape now seems to scatter everywhere like sun rays. It is soft yet piercing. Though the other new thing I have in my scene is hope. The sun and birds still reside in my sky. They tell me there is still life beyond the horizon where things seemed to have stopped. They show that though the colours have changed the beauty remains. This landscape which was a dreamland has now turned into a nostalgic picture. A picture, which in its simplicity leaves unsuspected imprints in the childhood of our being, whose incense still smells of a sacred place called innocence.