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    All the emotions we experience are the threads which spin the fabric of our life and relationships. The good ones and not-so-good ones are equally needed to give it the beauty it needs. Sometimes the fabric gives us warmth in tough times and at others we find ourselves lost in the labyrinth as the threads entangle.

    All we have is to give a shot at every emotion with courage because doesn't matter if the fabric is not knit neatly but it must never lack in colours.

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    The coy thread of our first stolen eye contact.
    The trembling thread of our first hand shake.
    The nervous thread of our first day out.
    The comfortable thread of us getting along perfectly.
    The thread of ecstasy of our first kiss.
    The angry thread of our first argument.
    The thread of ego holding us back from reaching out.
    I spun all of them.
    Tightly knit together they gave me this fabric of memories.
    Beautiful but dull.
    I drape it around me every time I feel restless
    And steal a serene moment from the chaos.
    But the thread longing for your love hangs loosely
    Not giving in to be a part of the knitting.
    Everytime it gives me hope that it's not over yet.
    And I continue my search to seek the dye of courage
    To reach out to you again.
    When the pink of love will tint this fabric
    And it'll no more be dull with pain.