• lifeinhell 23w

    A Family Of Devil's Part Seventy-Five

    On a Wednesday afternoon of June 16th 1993.

    I had been visiting with. My drunken grandmother. At her apartment. So now well. I was there. She had said to me Jim, You do know that you're. Evil mother. Isn't going to be leaving you that house. When she's die's right. So then that's when. I had said to her. How the fuck would you know what. So now. As for the fact that. I haven't had any argument's. With anyone in. My Family Of Devil's. But then. About three days before. I had taken a full blown seizure in my bedroom. I was all myself. There wasn't anyone at home. When this had happened to me. So now. This was the first time that. I had taken a full blown seizure. Within the past four years. So now. No one in the. Family Of Devil's. Even know's at all. I've also been having mild seizures as well. I think that it's because. Of all the stress that's been in my life. I've been talking all of. My medical on time. I've also been trying to get. A normal amount of sleep as well. But now. Nothing seems to be. Working for me at all. So now. I just think that if. I can just get the fuck out of this house. I'll stop talking as many seizures. It would also make my life. A lot less stress full as well.