• icyblack 24w

    A diary with my untold nothingness (novel) 10

    9th January' 2016
    He stood there in front of me...holding the bouquet of lilies. His gaze intense on me, as he walk closer. He gave me bouquet with a gentle curtsey. My shaking hand automatically approached the beautiful bouquet. He then , took my left hand in his warmness. We settle down at the two golden metal chair.
    I was totally in rest motion....while he tried to speak up." Hello...i am danny.... i know we have already meet previously. ....but it wasn't far so good.",
    "Ummmm....maybe...by the way i am claire",
    "Oh..what pretty name for a pretty girl",
    "Ok...so what u want to eat?",
    "Ummm...yes, i mean any dish u may prefer",
    "See.....i don't know why u are doing this. ....but i am here just to attend your birthday party",
    "My birthday party?!",
    "But today isn't my birthday",
    "Really?!...but ur mom gave my mother invitation regarding a birthday party only",
    "Oh..that...it's of my younger brother ben...today is his birthday ",
    "Your brother birthday?!..then why we are here....i mean why aren't we attending the party",
    "Hey relax..beautiful......actually i think birthday parties are meant for kids.....not for us",
    "Ohk... but what-------",
    "Be calm pretty eyes.....we are going to spend a little quality time here alone and let that sucking birthday party go",

    To be continued