• divulgingenigma 6w


    There is nothing around which has sense of me and my existence.Since months or years the layered world of my own is slipping in a series, one after other and everytime it drags me to a pool where I get drowned.
    Behind the scene of my breathes there is an unknown malignancy endowed by me which harasses the one who is close to me, my very mind and thoughts.
    To the head to toe and to the dirt to stars I am all insane with lyrical troubles in my head.
    The drugs for the same is not a panacea it's an ache brewing into the cups of others as well, but now am not in a state to trouble more and get tired in reluctant days and insomniac nights.
    In the wee hours of stars I would play to catch the twinkling life but it has been eloping when sun rises in the name of a new day a new season.
    The mundanity of evenings and blankness of dawn are last season now or may be I am habitual to it.
    A mere stone at me falls like a huge mountain sabotaging every will of mine, every ounce of me in me but hey I can't hold it anymore.
    Let me sleep in your arms,I am doped with tiredness.
    In the stories of myself, in the blisters of pain I would live but now let me sleep to reach those stars and let me touch those cold scars.


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    Let me sleep in your arms,
    I am doped with tiredness.