• poetnano 6w

    Dear babe

    I think I'm addicted to u , Because I'm thinking of u all the time
    That means I'm away intoxicated
    I never knew I was this romantic, until i fell in love with u
    I think the way u think .
    I dream , breathe the way u dream .
    I love u the way u love me
    Whenever u wrap your arms around me , I feel so safe and happy
    Because of u , my reality is better than my best dreams .
    I Lough,love , I hope , I try , I hurt , I need ,I fear , I cry .
    And I know u do the same things too so we're not that different me and u
    I can't wait to feel u in all the right way in all the right places
    You've always been there in times both good and bad !!
    I cherish this beautiful bond togetherness!
    I love u !!!
    Obviously u know I think you're sexy, but do u know how much ?
    U like a candy that spreads all the sweetness from within .
    U are the best boyfriend ever