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    ~The Girl And Her Mask~

    A girl wore a mask upon her
    face so none could see
    The life she lived that had
    been so full of cruelty
    Never wanting anyone to
    gaze upon her scars
    Like a prisoner the mask
    had became her bars

    She would only remove
    it when none were around
    It made her life so much
    easier she had found
    Only she could see the
    imperfections she did bear
    Ridicule from the town people
    Nor for them to stare

    One day so late she ran
    only to trip and fall
    Losing her mask shocked
    to be seen by them all
    She tried to hide her face,
    as the crowd stood in silence
    For they had seen not one
    sign of any kind of violence

    Terrified now she gazed
    out into the crowd
    "Look she's quite a beauty!"
    someone did say out loud
    She didn't understand for
    surely they had lied
    But you see all her scars
    she carried them inside

    The moral to the story
    is that for our unwanted pain
    Others may not see our scars
    but still our shame remains

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    The Girl And Her Mask