• dondooly 5w

    ever have I felt so abandoned
    of all cruelty that exists in this world
    Never have I imagined in day like this
    I didn't know if one could be this powerless

    Words can't describe these feelings
    Never have a situation be more dire
    But yet we still have faith in Him
    He's done nothing thus far

    Has He abandoned us?
    Or perhaps the better question would be
    Was He ever with us
    for we know He's always on the strong side

    200 years in prison
    Faith has kept us prisoners for far too long
    It's time to change our side
    Indeed it is

    How many more children should cry
    How many more Young should perish
    How many parents should watch their
    Children grow with no hope for tommorow

    Sad, helpless, powerless
    Hopeless, shameful
    But hey! we have our faith
    Indeed we do