• sumana_chakraborty 23w


    I'm trying to experience silence
    Up above the mountains
    Just below the sky,
    A feeling of exaltation
    Catching me up slowly
    Permeating through the senses,
    Touching the epidermal layer of my skin
    Penetrating deeper and deeper.
    It's louder than the noise
    It's more vocal than the voice.
    It's denial is just next to impossible.
    Searched it in every nook and corner,
    Tried to chase in vain,
    In Deep gorges or meadows or fallow lands.
    Countless moments I waited
    For those unsaid words
    Alongside those places
    The narrow valleys, slopy mountains.
    But in my life full of futile chaos,
    What I learnt is that,
    Infinite Silence reverberates repeatedly
    In a meditating mind as deep as ocean.