• _poetandididntknowit_ 6w

    Be inclined not to be blind.

    Open your eyes to get past the lies, Ignorance is bliss not everyone's so wise.
    Open your mind, you're not really blind, we're not all inclined to dive deep down into the history of humankind.
    You need snap out of it look up at the skies, hold back your cries, keep your eyes on the prize, away from the lies.
    Don't feel disinclined to enhance you're state of mind, the power of knowledge has been assigned; only to those who wish not to be blind.
    The knowledge of power is on the rise, we as a race need to stratergise against the lies; not fraternise with the spies.
    The power of the unconscious mind had been left behind, we've been redesigned to think about nothing other than the daily grind.
    To avoid demise we need to rise; improvise and visualise, the truth may begin to prioritise and revolutionise what is seen by our eyes.
    We as humankind need to realise, that a mastermind designed all we see and find, undermined the undefined and discover that we are not blind; our history must be outlined to be refined.
    When we finally realise the dark plan to monopolise, capitalise and economise for profit is the reason everyone lives and dies, we'll be one step closer to the dream where humankind survives and thrives.