• prajukti 5w

    A Life Worth Living

    Why is it that,
    Everyone else is moving forward
    But I however
    Seem to be in the same place.

    Here I stand alone
    The crowds running around
    Doing their business, busy with their lives
    Am I the only useless one here?

    Everyone else seem to be happy
    But I remain melancholic
    How frustrating it is
    To have no one around you.

    Sleepless nights, sleepy mornings
    It's a routine for me
    Why do I eat?
    I only eat to survive.

    The tastebuds are long gone
    Peace of mind is too much to ask
    I feel like choking here,
    But which one of you will save me?

    Is this how life would be?
    Living but dying at the same time?
    Is living a life like this
    Even worth called 'living'?