• rakhichauhan 23w

    Last day of school

    That was the day
    I missed it ever...
    The LAST day of my school
    I get hallucinating when I accept that I am no more allowed to enter in the school......
    Those memories ,incidence all ge burried in
    My heart all together I don't ever see them again
    I missed it ever
    That last day of my school
    I start my imagination to wonder the whole world through this school
    But, today I have to leave,
    I have to leave my all friend ,my acquaintances, my guiders,my soul which lives in that school...
    I missed it ever
    The last day of school
    On the last day we have a fun
    We have a joy,all together,
    We laugh, because we are together
    And we cry too, because we from
    Now we have to leave together...
    I missed it ever
    The LAST day of my SCHOOL...