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    Rubi's POV

    I did it again, shit, never thought that he would get so panicked after seeing a dead body.

    He looks so adorable while sleeping! Gosh, I love him so much.

    "Sorry Avi! I mixed a sleeping pill in the water. You should sleep for few hours until then I will dispose this body somewhere in this forest!" I kissed his forehead and dragged the dead body out from basement.

    (After 5 hours)
    Avi's POV
    There is no need for you to be scared��
    One taste of me and nobody compares��
    Nightmare, let me be your nightmare ��

    I heard the same voice singing the same song as I heard few hours ago. Ugh..I don't even know how much time has been passed since I am here. Is there no one searching for me? Will no one come to rescue me?

    I heard footsteps coming near me. But I decided to keep my eyes close so that Rubi will leave me alone with my thoughts. After seeing her with that dead body I am scared. She is dangerous. I wanna get away from here.

    "Avi, my love, wakey-wakey! Don't sleep too much. It's not good for your health."
    But I ignored her and kept pretending.
    "I know that you are awake. Don't make me repeat things babé, wake up or else I will punish you!"

    "No, no... please don't kill me.. please let me go...I will do whatever you want, just let me out from here." I said while shivering.
    "Hey, calm down! I am not going to kill you and I want you to be with me so what's the point in getting out of here. You need to be here, with me, for forever."

    "Why did you kill him?" I asked her.
    "Huh, what are you...ohh you are talking about Ronit! Don't you remember what he did to you? Don't you remember how he broken your limbs and because of that you have to admit in hospital for three days! How can he be alive after what he did to you? He needed to die." She chuckled.

    A memory of that day swept in my mind, when I saw Ronit kissing Ravya in a party. My blood was boiling and I went towards them with full rage. Ravya said that Ronit was Kissing her without her consent. This made me furious and I started beating Ronit. He was strong than me and after ten minutes of punching each other I fall on the floor and he started kicking me badly which made my ankle bones damaged. I literally had to rest on bed for one week. Sometimes I still feel ache in my ankle.

    But it doesn't mean Rubi has to kill him. She did a murder. She should be in jail.

    "What are you thinking, babé?" She asked me in tempting voice.
    "Nothing I just realised that how much you care about me. I always wanted to take revenge on Ronit and you fulfilled my wish. How should I thank you?"
    "Aww... that's so sweet of you! You were thinking about me. I know gradually you will also love me like I love you!"

    Yes, first phase of my plan succeeded! Now Rubi has trapped in my plan, i will certainly escape from here!
    I am really sorry guys for this late upload but I literally was feeling low during the past week, that's why I couldn't upload my story ��...I am all good now and here is the chapter 4��.....will Avi's plan succeed? What do you think? Tell me in comment box ��❤️

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