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    Nigeria is in need of prayers the streets runs red with blood.....

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    20-10-2020 (Black Tuesday)

    Burning eyes I watch in terror..
    Bodies lying motionless on the ground
    Holes where there aren't supposed to be

    Virtue and life slowly leaking out of them
    Unaware of their fate: echoes of terrified screams; gunfire fills the pitch black streets;

    Souls scrambling for survival: clinging unto the last thread of hope: seeking safety:
    Reaching out for help of which they can't

    seem to grasp unto: I stare from the sidelines helpless: unable to do anything.
    Hopeless unable to switch off the fountain of

    emotions overtaking my very being: the cosmos is in a state of quagmire.
    Sapiens grown terribly cold: acting on

    physical, constitutional and emotional impunity.
    The faith which I had in humanity is slowly sipping away....

    And all I can muster up is a request for divine intervention.